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Music is flooding Japan Expo Sud

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Published on 27/02/2013 - Edition 2013

Explosive, relaxing, fun: there’s gonna be sound at Japan Expo Sud!! On the main stage and in the multipurpose room, music lovers will enjoy themselves!

© All rights reserved J-music

Japan Expo Sud offers a nice music program with the wild rock music of MAN WITH A MISSION, visual kei from AMARANYX, or the hype sound of DJ O-ant’s sets. We keep the best for the end, Kanon Wakeshima, charming with her cello, her voice, and her drawings!

Smells like Teen Spirit by MAN WITH A MISSION

© All rights reserved Traditional music

More traditional but as enchanting, the sound of bamboo will be heard again at Japan Expo Sud: Pousses de Bamboo Orchestra are back! As for discoveries, shakuhachi will be played for the first time at Japan Expo Sud by Koichi YOSHIDA. Koto is also planned, along with the flute: a great mix between the West and the East.

Koichi YOSHIDA playing shakuhachi

Video game music

Video game music fans will listen to their favorite titles live for more than an hour on the main stage with Neko Light Orchestra!


The whole schedule of the festival


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