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One day left: it's time to get ready!

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Published on 28/02/2013 - Edition 2013

We've reminded you of a few things already but to make sure you'll have a great festival, here are more tips!

1- What time do I have to arrive to enter inside the festival as early as possible?
It’s no use getting there at dawn, you’ll only wait longer. To get inside the festival an hour before the opening of the registers though, buy your tickets in presale. And to get inside even before that, there are a few Zen Tickets left!

2- How do I go there?
By train, bus, car, metro! All the information here.

3- Can I pay with a credit card?
When you’re buying your ticket, you can pay with cash, with a check, or a credit card at some special registers.
Inside the festival, some booths accept credit cards but not all of them. You’d better come with some cash!

4- What do I do if I need more cash?
There’s an ATM inside the festival but it will probably be crowded, so take enough cash with you.

5- Can I leave my stuff somewhere?
There is a checkroom inside the festival where you can leave your baggage, for €2 per item.

6- Where can I change my clothes and put my costume on?
Free cosplay changing rooms allow you to put your costume on at the festival. Other changing rooms are dedicated to cosplayers taking part in cosplay shows (you must register to take part in cosplay shows).

7- Can I come with a katana? I’ll be careful…
As in all public places, wearing and using weapons is strictly forbidden inside the festival. This rule applies to cosplayers as well as all the attendees. Any weapon carried by anyone inside the festival will be confiscated by security services. Katana and other weapons sold inside the festival must be kept inside their boxes.

8- I’m hungry… and thirsty!
Several restaurants allow you to get Japanese food or snacks. More information about them soon. And if your thirsty, cold and hot drinks are sold by the checkroom counter for between €2 and €2,50.


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