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Saturday's best of pics!

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Published on 04/03/2013 - Edition 2013

Check it out what happened the second day of the festival Japan Expo Sud ! See you tomorrow for the next events !

Wahoo! So many attendees to make the day a great one!

Steampunk is the trend with My Oppa

Pousses de Bamboo Orchestra, impressive!

Wolves seem to be waiting for... you! - Giant karaoke, a great moment

Traditional culture at its best with martial arts and tea ceremony...
or a sumo fight of a different kind!

Some time to relax to koto music, a beautiful art moment with Kia ASAMIYA,
dancing music with DJ O-ant, and Kunihiko IKUHARA giving signings


Videos of Japan Expo Sud
on JapanExpoTV!

Photos © Florent L'Hélias; © All rights reserved

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