Japan Expo Sud

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Get ready for the festival

How to go to Parc Chanot exhibition center? Checkrooms? Means of payment?... Here are the answers to all your questions and a few useful tips!

How to go there?


Japan Expo Sud is at Parc Chanot exhibition center, Rond Point du Prado, 13 008 Marseille, in the South of France.

You can easily reach the exhibition center via the metro of Marseille: get off at the station Rond Point du Prado.

If your driving to Japan Expo Sud, you can park your car at Parc Chanot: €4 / day.

If you are going to Marseille by train, plane or car,
you’ll get more information here!


How to get in?


There are two different lines, for people who have tickets and for people who don’t:

  • everyday people with tickets (whether purchased in presale before the festival or on site the day before) enter the festival an hour earlier
  • at 10.00 am, registers open for people without tickets

Have a look at times and fees here
and buy your presale ticket

Respect the opening hours!! It’s no use coming at 6.00 am and waiting for several hours!


Registers and means of payment


Attention: bank notes over €50 are not accepted. To avoid losing time at the registers, have the right amount of money.

If you pay by check, you will need to show a proof of your identity. Have it ready not to lose time.

Credit card
You can pay with a credit card on specific registers.




There are ATMs at Japan Expo Sud.

Yet, you should have cash or checks as few booths accept credit cards and ATMs are often crowded.


Checkroom & refreshments


There is a checkroom where you can leave personal items: €2 per item.

You can also have refreshments: water, coffee and cold drinks:

  • cold drinks: €2.50
  • water: €2
  • coffee (expresso): €2
  • American coffee, tea, hot chocolate: €2.50


Weapons and katana


As in all public places, wearing and using weapons is strictly forbidden inside the festival. This rule applies to cosplayers as well as all the attendees.

Any weapon carried by anyone inside the festival will be confiscated by security services.

Katana and other weapons sold inside the festival must be kept inside their boxes.

As for cosplayers taking part in contests, more information is available on the Cosplayforum.




In case of medical problem, contact the medical service thanks to the phone number specified on the festival map which is displayed everywhere in the exhibition center.




Whether you want to enjoy a typically Japanese meal or want a snack to get back to enjoying the festival events and activities as soon as possible, you’ll find something to eat at Japan Expo Sud.

More about restaurants and their menus

Yet you should know that they are often crowded at meal times and you may have to wait for a little while. You can also bring something to eat.

Don’t forget to bring water and drink regularly to keep hydrated!


Cosplay changing rooms


Cosplay contests
Cosplayers taking part in Cosplay Shows can put on their costumes in dedicated changing rooms, near the main stage.

Free cosplay
There are also changing rooms for free cosplayers, who are not taking part in Cosplay Shows.




For babies
A nursery with tables is available for parents to take care of their babies.

Lost children
Lost children are brought to the information desk.




The festival is forbidden to animals (dogs, rabbits, parrots and so on): avoid the stress of the crowd and noise to your pets!


Lost objects


During the festival, lost objects are brought back to the information desk which keeps them until the end of the festival. Then we keep them to allow you to get them back, in case they have been found.

After the festival, you just need to send us an e-mail with a precise description of the object you lost. We’ll get back to you in the following days. Please write to: