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Your hotel booking is cheaper with B&B hotels

Book a room in one of Marseille’s B&B hotels to get a discount and breakfast for free!

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How to get a discount


In partnership with Japan Expo, the B&B hotels at Prado VélodromeEuromed, and La Joliette in Marseille offer discounts on your bookings during the festival:

  • Single room: €51 / night, breakfast included
  • Double room: €55 / night, breakfast included
  • Twin room: €55 / night, breakfast included
  • Triple room: €60 / night, breakfast included

How to get the discount?
You just have to give the discount code JAPAN EXPO when booking by phone! 

In which hotels?

  • B&B Euromed
    44, rue de Ruffi - 13003 Marseille
    Tel: +33 8 92 78 81 19
  • B&B La Joliette
    52, rue de Forbin - 13002 Marseille
    Tel: +33 8 92 70 22 18

Parking space, to be booked in advance: €15/night at the B&B hotel Prado Vélodrome and €10/night at the B&B hotels Joliette and Euromed.



More about B&B hotels on www.hotel-bb.com

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