Japan Expo Sud - March 9-11, 2018 Marseille Chanot
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Facilities at Japan Expo Sud

At Marseille Chanot, Japan Expo Sud is settling down in 3 different halls for the whole of its programming: showcases, activities, shows, signings, the programming of those 3 halls is going to be busy. Follow us for a pre-festival tour!

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Color: red – Ichigô = strawberry

This 78 sqm stage and its 18 sqm proscenium have a whole hall for themselves, hall 1. Follow the red signs to attend the most impressive events of the festival: concerts, cosplay shows, great panels, and more. The biggest stage of the festival that can welcome up to 3,000 people!


Color: yellow – Yuzu = a type of citrus fruit

Follow the yellow path to get to hall 2 and attend panels about manga or web culture with guests or participants wishing to share their passions, or to take part in games and win prizes.

With 388 seats, this open stage allows a wide audience to attend some of the most expected events of the festival.


Color: pink – Sakura = cherry blossom

The pink signs will lead you to hall 3, at the heart of the area dedicated to Japanese traditions and culture.

The Sakura stage will show you the beauty of traditional arts such as ikebana, teach you the basics of Japanese cuisine, will invite you to attend folk shows, or to meditate.


Color: purple – Sumiré = violets

Come meet the guests at the area dedicated to signings. After going to the Signing Desk to get a signing ticket (you must have one!), go to the Sumiré areas to meet the artists from whom you want a signing and get your personal souvenir.


Color: burgundy – Budo = grapes

tatami areas are dedicated to demonstrations and martial art initiations. If you want to have a look at naginata, or try aikidô or jûdô, that’s the place to be!

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