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Japan Expo Sud 5th Wave

Japan Expo Sud is THE place to be for manga and anime culture in the South, back in the sun of Marseille to celebrate its 5th Anniversary!


Japan Expo Sud 5th Wave

From March 1 to 3 2013
at Parc Chanot, Marseille


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After four successful editions since 2009, Japan Expo Sud 5th Wave will take place from March 1 to 3, 2013 at the Parc Chanot exhibition center in Marseille!

After the huge success of the first four editions, Japan Expo Sud is back for its 5th anniversary and keeps the classics which made Japan Expo famous... proposing preview screenings, guest conferences, video games, fanzines booths, stores, publishers, showcases, animations and meetings with amazing artists.

There’s more: to celebrate the event as it should be, surprises and news are on their way!




Japan Expo Sud follows traditions: in the beautiful sun of Marseille, cosplay has pride of place on the main stage. Attend the official Cosplay Shows or surprise shows in partnership with publishers or guests. Cosplay remains a flagship event, even in the South of France!




Fashion is also a very important element of Japanese culture, so much that many Young Fashion Designers, Japanese inspired by French culture or French inspired by Japanese culture, have booths displaying clothes, jewels, accessories and other goodies in the Young Fashion Designer Village.

These Young Designers also show their talent on the main stage during the Young Designer Fashion Springboards which attract all the fashion addicts of Japan Expo Sud.


Live music


Japan Expo without music? Never! Japan Expo Sud welcomes traditional performances (koto, taiko, bamboo), as well as J-pop or J-rock showcases which enliven the main stage for the greatest pleasure of music and Japan lovers!

In 2010, Keisho OHNO left the audience delighted with a very modern shamisen show while Aoi gave an amazing J-rock showcase! In 2011, TarO&JirO’s pop-rock sound had been hugely successful while heavy metal entered the main stage for the first time with Head Phones President.

In 2012, the pop-rock manga world of Aki AKANE, in a duo with DJ Livetune had seduced a rocking audience.





French as well as Japanese publishers are all very eager to be part of the program of the video rooms of Japan Expo festivals! How does it work? Anime are showed in preview and exclusively so that the attendees can have a foretaste of the coming releases.




Publishers, stores, Young Fashion Designers, young artists, magazines, webzines, fanzines, exhibitions, institutions, associations: Japan Expo Sud is THE place to be for the manga industry and Japanese culture!

Well-stocked booths, cultural products from Japan, all kinds of goodies, information about travelling, games… you are bound to find something interesting for you in the alleys of Japan Expo Sud! Discover the latest manga releases, buy stuffed toys in the shape of your favorite heroes, admire the originality and creativity of hundreds of fanzines and webzines or get a better knowledge of Japanese culture with the Japanese exhibitors who made the trip from Japan especially for the festival!


Video games


Tournaments, freeplay and frenzied demonstrations: video games are very well represented at Japan Expo Sud! Rhythm, fighting, arcade and retro game fans all meet there, because beyond manga and anime, Japan Expo Sud is also about Japanese video game culture.


Martial arts


Martial arts are of course at Japan Expo Sud! The festival allows you to discover many of them: many clubs make demonstrations on a dedicated area all day long and also propose initiations.

Ninjutsu, kendô, jûdô, jodô, aikidô or karate: everything to have a good time and maybe chose your own martial way!


Games & animations


Japan Expo Sud is above all a huge playground! A place where game culture in any shape meets with the attendees: games on stage, on booths (among which the famous go and shôgi) and on the whole festival!

Everything is a perfect reason for having fun and a good time, with family or friends. And you will soon realize that game booths and associations are definitely present at Japan Expo Sud.


Traditional culture


One of the aims of Japan Expo Sud is to show the public all the aspects of Japan by developing the presence of traditional culture on the festival.

Many associations participate in this, with animations, performances and varied workshops, such as ikebana (the Japanese art of arranging flowers), origami, the tea ceremony, calligraphy, painting, traditional games, kimono, cooking or conferences.


Japan Expo Sud is all that and so many more surprises! The program and the guests of the 2013 edition will be announced on the website very soon. Enjoy these three days!!


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