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Solidarity with Kumamoto

After last April 14 and 16’s earthquakes and the many hurtful aftereffects they left in the surroundings of Kumamoto, the operation Solidarity with Kumamoto was launched. The locality and its inhabitants still need us: together, let’s rally around the region to help it rebuild!

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Late on April 14, 2016, a magnitude-6.5 earthquake was shaking the island of Kyushu, in the area of Kumamoto and Oita prefectures. It was only the first of a long series: in the days that followed, the earth was to shake dozens of times with lesser quakes, and also the strongest one, of a 7.1 magnitude on April 16. 

Both earthquakes made thousands victims, killed about 50, wounded 2,000, and evicted dozens of thousands people out of their homes. Many buildings and houses collapsed, throwing their inhabitants out. The quakes hit transports, industries, tourism, and economy alike. The famous Kumamoto castle suffered severe deteriorations, part of the ramparts caved in and the roof was damaged. 


Today, the whole community of Japan lovers and Japanese culture fans is supporting the regions and inhabitants hit by the quakes. Japan Expo festivals is the gatherings of this community and a perfect time to make our support real. That’s why, after the launch of the project last June, Japan Expo is renewing the Kumamoto operation at Japan Expo Sud, to keep helping Kumamoto prefecture, one of the most damaged place after the catastrophe.

To collect money, Kumamon badges, with the famous mascot of Kumamoto, are on sale

  • now on our website*,
  • at Japan Expo Sud from the cash desks,
  • at Japan Expo Sud from our Official Shop.

The money will be donated to the rebuilding of Kumamoto castle.

* The badges purchased online before the festival must be collected on site from the Official Shop. No badge will be sent by post. 

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