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How to find your way at Japan Expo Sud

You often feel lost in the alleyways? We give you a little help with some means of finding your way!

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The basics: the floor map

Don’t wait until you’re at the festival to get acquainted with the venue! The floor map is online on our website a few weeks before the event.

From then on, you can start getting ready and prepare your visit by locating:

  • The booths you’re interested in.
  • The stages hosting the events you wish to attend.
  • The entrances and exit.
  • The services you might need during the event such as the Info Desk, the ATMs, the nursery, and more.

To locate a booth, find it in the exhibitors’ list, take the booth number, and spot it on the map thanks to its number.


On site, paper floor maps are available in self-service and posters are put up everywhere:

  • Self-service paper floor maps available at the festival entrances and at the Info Desk, and that you’ll keep with you at all times;
  • Floor maps put up in the alleyways, with labels indicating your location.

Signs & landmarks


On site, direction signs hanging from the ceiling tell you where to find stages and the various areas. On all of them, colours and stars help you find your way more easily.

The colors are a precious guide with one colour for each area and stage to help you tell them apart. Click here to know which color associate with each stage and area! For instance:


The festival will be putting stars in your eyes! And they will help you find your way on the floormap and in the alleyways. You feel lost? Here’s what to do:

  • Raise your head.
  • Find the closest direction sign.
  • Find the stars and read the numbers on it.
  • Now you just have to find the same star on the floor map and you’ll know exactly where you are!

For example:

  • You’re under star 3.2: fin dit on the floor map and you’ll know where you are!
  • To find the exit, turn right and follow the green signs.
  • Any question? The Info Desk is on your right, spot the blue signs.
  • To find the Sakura stage, turn left and follow the pink signs.
  • To attend the shows on the Ichigo stage, take a U-turn.

The staff: ready to help at all times


The festival staff members are always ready to help and guide you! From the moment you arrive at Marseille Chanot, they show you the directions to the security check and then to the lines. There, they wille show you which line to wait in, depending on whether you have a ticket or not, or on the type of ticket you have.


Once you’re in, the Info Desk staff are always ready to help you find your way or find the booth, stage, or any other place you’re looking for. They are also by your side in the festival alleyways, to guide you wherever you are: they’re easy to spot as they are wearing big red flags on their backs.

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