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Hi there ! Welcome to my stand, i have original and fanarts here, and also i'm a big addict to Genshin Impact, so... Don't hesitate to come if you are too !

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I have A4 & A5 Prints, Original art ( girls & bois in streetwears ) & Fanarts ( Genshin Impact, Kimetsu, Fire Emblem 3H, Promised neverland... And more ! ), i also makes bookmarks, keychains, badges, stickers.....

I also have a Gacha Sticker of Genshin Impact on my stand ! With all existing characters ( at least most of them ), 100% win ! :D
I'll be here in genshin cosplay during 3 days, don't hesitate to come if you want to talk !
( Just to specify we'll be at least 3 on the stand, but i'm the only artist and will be the only one cosplayed :) )

See you soon !

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