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Two artists with very different styles offer to discover their worlds. On one side original manga, mythology, archeology and fights. From another sorcery, tarot, playing cards and goodies.
But we are united by the common passion for Genshin Impact!

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I am Anaku, I have been practicing digital and traditional drawing for several years!
My universe is based around witches (themes like elements, playing cards ect) and tarot cards without forgetting a bit of fan art.
You will be able to find my creations in various formats such as illustrations, bookmarks, stickers, key rings, acrylic pins, pocket mirrors, etc. I hope you will find your happiness there!

I am Olha, self-taught mangaka by day and otaku gamer by night!
My universe is inspired by our mythology and European novels but also mangas, animes and Japanese video games.
You will find on my stand my comics/manga, illustrations, fanarts and pretty goodies derived from my works.
I also take drawing orders on site!

See you soon on our stand!

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