Japan Expo Sud - February 18-20, 2022 Marseille Chanot

Sumiré Area

Keep a unique souvenir of your meeting with the author of your favorite manga or of the J-music group that makes you dance all night: the Sumiré Area makes your dreams come true with signings and photoshoots organized with the festival guests!

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Sumiré, meeting with your favorite artists!

Set up in the comfort of the Palais des Congrès since 2019, the Sumiré Area is the perfect place to meet the festival guests. Dedicated to signings and photoshoots, it allows attendees to have a little chat with their favorite artists or take a souvenir pic with them to remember this magical time. 


REMINDER! You must have a signing ticket to access a signing or photoshoot: click here to get all the information about how it works!



Follow this icon to find the Sumiré Area!

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