Japan Expo Marseille - March 8-10, 2024
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Info Desk

You have a question? The Info Desk Team is here to help!

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The Info Desk is open all 4 days of the festival to welcome you, answer all your questions, and help you find your way in the festival.

Staff members also cover the alleys of the festival to help you wherever you are!

Lost Children

Lost children and their parents meet at the Info Desk of the festival.

  • Always keep an eye on your children: Japan Expo Sud is often crowded and it's very easy to lose the people with whom you've come.
  • If you find a lost child in the festival, please address the festival staff or take him or her to the Info Desk.
  • Children should always have the phone number of the person taking care of them during the festival (and of their parents), so that they can be contacted in case children get lost. For the youngest ones, you can write down the number on their forearm. 

Lost & Found

During the festival, found objects are brought back to the information desk (Point info), which keeps them until the end of the festival. We also keep everything found at the festival after its closure, to allow you to get them back.

You just have to send us an e-mail with a precise description of the object you have lost, so that we can identify it. Then we'll get back to you. Send your e-mail to the following address: objets-perdus@japan-expo.com.


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