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10th Anniversary Pass

Let’s celebrate Japan Expo Sud’s 10 years of existence with the 10th Anniversary Pass: reserved seats, official goodies, and exclusive gifts, with even more advantages and in a very limited edition!

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10th Anniversary Passes are sold out.

Go through the experience of 10 years of Japan Expo Sud again with the 10th Anniversary Pass! On top of a stressless dream weekend thanks to Zen Ticket advantages, you’ll enjoy the Ichigo stage shows in the best seats, reserved for you. The 10th Anniversary Pass will also shower you with gifts, Japan Expo Sud 10th Wave goodies and an exclusive gift: the collection of the illustrations of the 10 past editions of the festival by Aurore!

10th Anniversary Pass advantages

Enjoy a reserved seat for the Ichigo stage

You’ll get the best seats to attend the major shows of the festival: Cosplay Show, showcases, exceptional panels! You’ll be in front rows for the best of Japan Expo Sud’s program. 

Get the exclusive collection of the festival illustrations

Every year, Aurore’s drawings set the tone of the festival and illustrate its posters. For the 10th Anniversary, all those works are brought together as small posters, only for 10th Anniversary Pass holders.

Get loads of goodies

Badges, wristband, totebag…: the full collection of Japan Expo Sud 10th Wave is offered to 10th Anniversary Pass holders, to keep souvenirs of this exceptional edition of Japan Expo Sud.

Enjoy Zen advantages too

  • Enter before public opening and avoid the crowd
  • Get in and out as much as you like
  • No more waiting before lunch thanks to restaurant fast-passes 

Click here for more about Zen Ticket advantages

10th Anniversary Passes at a glance


Reserved seat

At the Ichigo stage

Exclusive gift

The collection of the illustrations of the past 10 editions of Japan Expo Sud

Official goodies 

The whole collection of Japan Expo Sud 10th Wave goodies

Access to the festival

3 days

Entrance before public opening

from 8.30 am, 30 minutes earlier than presale

Temporary exits


Restaurant fastpass



Price  €100

On sale 

Sold out

How to buy your 10th Anniversary Pass

To pick up your badge, you must show the countermark received by e-mail or available in your account on our website (print or smartphone); your countermark does not allow you to get in but only to pick up the badge).

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