Japan Expo Sud - February 28 through March 1, 2020 Marseille Chanot
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For its 10th Anniversary, Japan Expo Sud is settling down in Marseille Chanot’s congree hall, on top of halls 1 and 2, which you may already know if you attended the festival latest editions. Let’s have a look at the new features!

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Ichigo = strawberry

The main stage of the festival that can welcome up to 1,200 people!

The Ichigo stage is all done up, settling down in the congress hall auditorium. The most outstanding events of the festival await you here: concerts, cosplay shows, and panels.


Yuzu = a type of citrus fruit

The Callelongue amphitheatre hosts the Yuzu stage, in the congress hall, as well as its programming, with panels and masterclasses.

That’s where up to 400 people can attend some of the most expected events of the festival.


Sakura = cheery blossom

The Sakura stage is placed at the heart of the area dedicated to Japanese culture and traditions, now set in hall 2.

Another new feature: the 360 stage which will immerse you into the wonders of traditional arts or folk shows. 


Puroresu = pro wrestling

NEW: the most striking place of the festival!

A real ring where pro wrestlers fight spectacularly. The ring also features initiations with which the attendees can have a go at the wrestling adventure: a unique experience full of amazing sensations!


Budô = grapes

Two areas are dedicated to martial art demos and initiations, on garden level in the congress hall.

If you want to try shôrinji kenpô, aikidô, or karate, the tatami are ready for you!


Sora = sky

NEW: the Sora stage for the first time at Japan Expo Sud.

Want to play games? Enter quizzes and tournaments? Sing karaoke at the top of your lungs? And at the same time, win jens to trade for gifts at the same time? Then you have to try this 360 stage in hall 1, at the heart of the area dedicated to manga and anime culture!


New: all day long, the video room is dedicated to showing anime, films, documentaries.

Relax with your favorite series, watch anime premieres, and discover rare works, in this room set on the congress hall garden level. 


Sumiré = violet

Come meet the guests at the area dedicated to signings now set on the congress hall garden level.

After going to the Signing Desk set in the hall to get a signing ticket (you must have one!), go to the Sumiré areas in Endoume room 3 to meet the artists from who you want a signing and get your personal souvenir.


To help you find and stages and areas, they bear the same symbols as usual: follow the colors and pictures to find them!

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