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Japan Expo Sud for kids

Children are welcome at Japan Expo Sud and here’s what you need to know before you come with your kids!

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The entrance to the festival is free for the under 8 (a justification will be asked at the entrance). A free pass will be given at the entrance of the festival. Free passes allow you in from 9.00 am.

For 8 y.o. and older kids, standard fees apply: click here to have a look at the entrance fees. There are no special fees for children. 



Many associations and participants propose activities for kids on their booths: feel free to visit them!


A nursery is available for parents, where they can take care of their babies. 

It is equipped with tables and a microwave.

Lost Children

Lost children and their parents meet at the Information Desk (Point infos) of the festival.

  • Always keep an eye on your children: Japan Expo Sud is often crowded and it's very easy to lose the people with whom you've come.
  • If you find a lost child in the festival, please address the festival staff or take him or her to the Information Desk (Point info).
  • Children should always have the phone number of the person taking care of them during the festival (and of their parents), so that they can be contacted in case children get lost. For the youngest ones, you can write down the number on their forearm. 

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