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Martial Arts

Sports fans are kept busy at Japan Expo Sud: demonstrations and discovery are part of the program on the tatami with many martial arts!

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Discovering martial arts

Martial arts have always been part of Japan Expo Sud! You can easily discover a number of disciplines: several times a day, many clubs make demonstrations and propose initiations  on the tatami. You can try several of them, while having a good time and choosing your ownbudô.

Many disciplines to try


Two areas invites the public to try karate-dô, kendô, shôrinji kenpô, aikidô, aikibudô and samurai arts.

In 2014, kyûdô had also a life-size area with demonstrations in a 28 meter-long corridor, the standard distance for practicing kyûdô in Japan. The attendees could try it too and discover the feeling of the bow and arrow in their hands.

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