Japan Expo Sud - February 28 through March 1, 2020 Marseille Chanot
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Many services are made available to the attendees at Marseille Chanot or organized by Japan Expo Sud to make your visit easier!

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Checkrooms are available at Japan Expo Sud, to let you leave personal items during the day, €2 per item (prices are for information only).

Cosplay changing facilities


Japan Expo Sud has changing facilities for all the cosplayers who need to change to their costumes on site if they like:


An ATM is available at Japan Expo Sud.

Yet, you should plan to bring enough cash before your arrival at the festival, because very few exhibitors accept credit cards, and ATMs will most likely be crowded. Since any exit is definitive, make sure you don’t forget anything before getting in!



First Aid

In case of faintness or if you get hurt, contact the medical service, whose number is available on the festival map, or warn one Japan Expo Sud’s staff members (wearing red, green, or blue jackets with a Japan Expo logo at the back).

Lost & Found

During the festival, found objects are brought back to the information desk (Point infos), which keeps them until the end of the festival. We also keep everything found at the festival after its closure, to allow you to get them back.

You just have to send us an e-mail with a precise description of the object you have lost, so that we can identify it. Then we'll get back to you. Send your e-mail to the following address: objets-perdus@japan-expo.com.

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