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Venue tout droit du Japon, la troupe Vogue a le yosakoi dans la peau. En collaboration avec Yosakoi Paris Hinodemai, ils vous invitent à show bourré d’énergie qui vous donnera la pêche et le sourire !

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Vogue is a yosakoi dance troupe, a genre in which they blend Japanese traditional dance and ballet. Vogue was started in the northeast of Japan in 1999. The aim of their activity is to strengthen local and international relationships through spreading yosakoi from Japan to all over the world.

Vogue now performs in Japan, in Tokyo, Hokkaido, or Fukuoka, but also abroad through local branches in the USA, in Indonesia, and in France, which involve residents as their successors with yosakoi.  

Lately, Vogue has started to spread to France, in Paris with the French troup Yosakoi Paris Hinodemai. The title of their performance is Yamato, the ancient name of Japan. There are a lot of ideas recalling of traditional Japan in the choreography, music, and costume. 

Let yourself be seduced by yosakoi with Vogue!

Program: Yosakoi Paris Hinodemai x Vogue


Vogue will be performing for the first time at Japan Expo Sud, along with Yosakoi Paris Hinodemai (click here to know more about them). Both teams will dance together for this exclusive show. Each one of them will present their original choreographies, as well as common performances.

On Saturday and Sunday, Yosakoi Paris Hinodemai x Vogue shows will be unique opportunities to discover yosakoi through its different styles! Have a look at the events in the festival schedule.

VOGUE -Revival- 東京よさこい 2016【審査演舞】アゼリア通り会場


Yosakoi originates in the city of Kôchi, on Shikoku island, in 1954 to boost the country economy and the cities damaged by war. Blending a traditional style with modern moves and a lively rhythmyosakoi is now danced all over Japan by people of all ages.

To dance yosakoi, dancers hold naruko in their hands, sorts of wooden instruments. In the old days, naruko were used to frighten birds away and keep them away from rice fields. Sometimes, yosakoi dancers may also hold a fan or a lantern.

Costumes are varied and each troupe is free to choose its own: T-shirt, kimono, or hakama. As yosakoi spread through Japan, costumes diversified, from traditional outfits to more modern ones.


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