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Q: How canI contact you for a partnership with Japan Expo Sud?

A: More information about partnerships is available from this page. To contact us about a partnership, use the contact form, choosing "Partnership" in the "Type" field.

Q: I am a journalist. How can I contact you?

A: To contact our media relation team, use the contact form, choosing "Press" in the "Type" field.


Q: What kind of photo must I add when requesting an accreditation?

A: You have to send us an ID photo via the booking form. It must fulfill all the following requirements:

  • Jpg or png only
  • Recent, good quality, showing your face on and on which you're easily recognizable (no mask, no costume, no make-up hiding part of your face, no snapchat-like filters)
  • 300 pixel-wide and 400 pixel-high at least
  • Portrait (larger in height than in width)
  • You're alone on the photo (no group photo or with your pets)
  • Color photo (no black and white, no sepia)
  • No more than 500 ko

You must be easy to recognize since this photo will be used on your badge to check your identity at every control.

Attention, you cannot send a photocopy of your ID since the photo is often old and of a bad quality when scanned.

Q: You have other questions?

Q: You have other questions?

A: Please click here and contact us via the contact form! Please select the right type of demand (press, partnership...) to help us processing it as quickly as possible. 

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