Japan Expo Marseille - March 8-10, 2024
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All Japan Expo Sud in the official app

Following the festival news, getting ready and planning your visit at Japan Expo Sud have never been that easy now that the official app is here: your tickets, your schedule, the news, the guests and more, all of it in real time and in your phone!

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Japan Expo Sud has its own mobile app! Download it now from the App Store or the Play Store!

After installing the app, let’s discover its features! To enjoy every one of them, log in:

You can use the same account and the same login and passwords on our website and on our app, and this way, you keep all your data, Daisuki, schedule, and so on, wherever you’re logging in.  

All the festival information always up to date

  • News

Don’t miss any of our announcements with the News feature.
Use the filters to sort the news which are the most interesting to you.

  • Guests

Go through the guest list: on each page, you’ll find the presentation for each guest and their schedule.
Use the filters to sort the guests who are the most interesting to you.

  • Animations

Go through the activities, games, workshops, demonstrations, exhibits, etc. proposed on the booths. 
Use the filters to sort the ones which are the most interesting to you.

  • Schedule

To go through the festival schedule, click on the dedicated section!
Use the filters to sort the events which are the most interesting to you (by stage, date or theme).

  • Exhibitors

The Exhibitors attending the festival are listed in the Exhibitors section in the app. You can have a look at them randomly or sort them by categories (cosplay, lifestyle, music…).

  • Information

All the festival information, the attendees’ guide, the FAQ and more are in the Information section, to help you prepare your visit in a jiffy. 

Your personal schedule

  • Don’t miss any event you would want to attend and create your personal schedule.
  • In the general schedule, for each event you want to attend, click the + icon in the app or "Add to schedule" on the website.
  • Then you’ll find them all in My Schedule.
  • Accept notifications from the app: it will send you a reminder before each event in your schedule during the festival. 

Important: the app still works when offline. Anytime, however bad your connection is, you can still: 

  • Access your schedule
  • Receive the reminders before the events


Faster, easier, with only a few clicks, book your signing ticket on Japan Expo Sud’s mobile app! 

No need to queue at the Signing Desk anymore, you can do everything on your smartphone as soon as you are at the festival (after your entrance ticket has been scanned). 


Floor Map

The application allows you to consult the map of the festival to help you find your way around! Stands, stages, themed areas... follow the guide!

Daisuki: your favorites

The website Daisuki are also on the app, to make a list of your favorite guests, news, exhibitors… Make a list you can use at any time as a reminder of what you need to check out before the festival or what not to miss when you’re there.

Your favorite list is available in My Daisuki, from the homepage or your account.

Your tickets

Any ticket bought online from Japan Expo is related to the buyer’s account and can be accessed on the app in your Profile from the My tickets sections.

You can show your ticket at the entrance on your phone via the app. 

If you haven’t bought your tickets so far, you can do so on the app from the homepage. 

You can also add tickets bought from another ticketing network (Fnac or Ticketmaster) by scanning the code with the app or entering it. Adding your tickets in the app will save time at the entrance and allow you to get signing tickets!


Download it now from the App Store or the Play Store!

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