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General Terms of Sale 2018/09/17


  • 3 – PAYMENT 



SEFA EVENT, a limited company with a capital of €100.000, registered at Registre du Commerce et des Sociétés de Bobigny, n° 493919146, set at 14, place Georges Pompidou, 93160 NOISY-LE-GRAND, FRANCE, and organizer of Japan Expo festivals, sells directly on its websites entrance tickets to Japan Expo festivals, tickets for other events on behalf of other organizers, as well as Japan Expo derived products (hereafter named “goodies”).
Before any transaction, the customer must acknowledge and agree with the present General Terms of Sales as well as the documents it refers to, and fully accept them, from the moment he/she clicks on the button "I accept the General Terms of Sale".
This General Terms of Sales may undergo modifications without prior notice.
Tickets and “goodies” sold online on the websites of Japan Expo festivals are reserved to individuals. The present General Terms of Sales only apply to the sale of tickets and “goodies” on SEFA EVENT’s websites. The sale of tickets for Japan Expo festivals on ticketing networks other than SEFA EVENT’s websites is subject to its own terms and conditions of sale. The sales of tickets for other events on behalf of other organizers may be subject to their own terms and conditions of sale.



1.1 The ticket and Japan Expo “goodies” prices are in Euros inclusive of all taxes, and of all transaction or other fees.
1.2 Several types of tickets and prices may be proposed depending on the event.
1.3 Certain types of tickets and “goodies” are sold in limited quantities.
1.4 Unless otherwise stated for certain types of tickets, the total number of tickets in one order, cannot exceed 19 tickets for the same event.
1.5 Information concerning group fees are available on demand from SEFA EVENT. To contact SEFA EVENT, please use the "Contact us" section of the website.
1.6 The entrance to the festival is free for children under 8 years old. Free access depends on the age of the child on the day they come to Japan Expo. A justification of the child’s age may be required. A free ticket will be given out on site.
1.7 All orders, wherever they originate, are to be paid in Euros.
1.8 SEFA EVENT reserves the right to modify the prices at any time. The customer will be charged for any ticket or “goodies” at the price mentioned at the moment of the order placement.



2.1 Ticket booking and “goodies” pre-orders are carried out in real time on the websites of Japan Expo festivals.
2.2 On these terms, SEFA EVENT is informing you in real time about the tickets and “goodies” available at the moment of the order confirmation.
2.3 You can check that your tickets and “goodies” correspond to those you wish to purchase in your cart.
2.4 You have 15 minutes from the moment you book the tickets and “goodies” to validate your cart, pay for the tickets and “goodies” in your cart, and confirm your purchase. After 15 minutes, the tickets and “goodies” are automatically made available again.



3.1 You can only pay in Euros and by credit card (CB, VISA, or Mastercard).
3.2 Any payment rejected by the ticket or “goodies” purchaser’s bank will automatically cancel the order.
3.3 Your credit card will be debited of the total amount of the ticket and “goodies” price, inclusive of all taxes, and of all transaction or other fees, when your order is confirmed.
The credit card debit is not related to the actual printing of the tickets or order forms.
3.4 Tickets or “goodies” become propriety of the purchaser only when the information given for the order and payment are validated.



4.1 Security of payment
Information requested from the purchaser when purchasing tickets or “goodies” on a Japan Expo website are HTTPS secured, certified by a trusted third party.
For payment, the ticketing website is using the PAYBOX payment platform, certified for online bank payments. Information requested from the ticketing websites by PAYBOX are secured by authentication and HTTPS.
Bank data are transmitted to PAYBOX and then deleted by the ticketing websites. Only the final result of the bank transactions are stored as a proof of payment.

4.2 Privacy policy
To place a ticket or “goodies” order from Japan Expo festival websites, you must create a member account on one of Japan Expo festival websites. The account allows the member to log in to all Japan Expo festival websites.
The personal data you give when creating a member account on the website and when using the website as a member are stored by the company editing the website, SEFA EVENT.
Those data are stored in our database for security, to meet legal and regulatory requirements, and to help us improve and customize the services we propose and the information we give. When creating an account, the member must accept the General Terms of Sale of Japan Expo festival websites and agree that those data are stored in digital memory by SEFA EVENT. To enforce the French law from Jan. 6, 1978 about data protection, including the Aug. 6, 2004 modifications, every user giving name information about themselves on Japan Expo websites has the right to oppose, access and modify those data. They can modify those information by logging in, before validating their ticket. They can also ask that information about them be modified, completed, clarified, updated or erased. Every Internet user can exercise their rights by contacting SEFA EVENT in the "Contact us" section of the website, or by mail:
SEFA EVENT - 14 place Georges Pompidou - 93160 Noisy-le-Grand - France



In the absence of evidence to the contrary, the data stored by SEFA EVENT constitutes the proof of all transactions between SEFA EVENT and the customers.
The data stored by the payment system constitutes the proof of all financial transactions.



Your ticket or “goodies” order is final and commits SEFA EVENT only from the reception of the e-mail mentioning the transaction number, confirming that the order has been validated.
In the absence of confirmation e-mail, please contact SEFA EVENT via the “Contact us” section of the website. The ticketing service will get back to you as soon as possible.



7. 1 Printable tickets
7.1.1 You can print your tickets at home, on a regular printer.
At the end of your online order, your ticket(s) will be sent to you by e-mail only, as a PDF. Please print your ticket(s) yourself on a regular printer (inkjet or laser) thanks to an Internet access.
7.1.2 Your PDF tickets, ready to be printed, are available in your user account, until the beginning of the event, on the website where you bought your tickets.
The ticket buyer is making sure to keep his/her password secret and safe, and to prevent any unauthorized person to access or use his/her account.
7.1.3 For each ticket purchased, there is one PDF only.

7. 2 Ticket validity
7.2.1 To be valid, your ticket(s) must be printed in portrait viewing, on an A4 white sheet, with no modification of the printing format.
Tickets must have a good quality printing. Tickets which are only partially printed, soiled, damaged or illegible will not be accepted and will be considered as invalid. If the printing is of bad quality, the customer has to print their ticket again. SEFA EVENT cannot be held responsible for any problem concerning the printing of the tickets.
7.2.2 Your ticket can also be presented in a dematerialized form (smartphone, or tablet screen) if the screen is not damaged and if the barcode or QR code is legible.
7.2.3 If you are not able to provide your printed ticket at ticket control, access to the festival will be denied without the customer being entitled to claim any form of compensation. The invoice or any other element from the order (e-mail, screenshot…) will also be refused.

7.3 Ticket use
7.3.1 Home-printable tickets have unique barcode and QR code allowing the access of one person to the event. Tickets are controlled at the entrance of the event with a barcode reader to make sure they are valid.
Reproducing, duplicating, or counterfeiting a ticket in any way, or making it available for such purposes, is strictly forbidden. It is impossible to enter several times with the same ticket.
7.3.2 Unless otherwise stated for certain types of tickets, SEFA EVENT is not compelled either to check the identity of the person presenting the home-printed ticket to verify he/she is the ticket buyer, or to check the authenticity of the printable ticket; the first person presenting the ticket -presumed to be the legitimate owner of the ticket- will be allowed in.
7.3.3 As a consequence, SEFA EVENT may refuse the entrance when there are several prints, reproductions, copies, or imitations of a printable ticket and that one access has already been allowed for the corresponding ticket.
7.3.4 SEFA EVENT cannot be held responsible for problems occurring during the order, the processing or the printing of a printable ticket.
In case of loss, theft or illicit use of the printable ticket, the customer will not be given any duplicate or certificate of any kind, other than the initial printable ticket.



8.1. Validity of the order form
8.1.1 The order form can be printed by the customer, on a regular printer (inkjet or laser), in portrait viewing, on an A4 sheet, blank and white on both sides, without any modification of the printing size. To be valid, the order form cannot mention any other information than that specified by SEFA EVENT and it cannot be modified in any way.
8.1.2 PDF order forms to be printed can be found in your member area until the date of the event on the website where you purchased your ticket. To find them, please log in to your account and go to the “My goodies” section.

8.2 Collecting the “goodies” at the festival
8.2.1 The “goodies” are to be collected at the festival, either at the Festival Official Store, or at any other place indicated by SEFA EVENT, upon presentation of the valid order form, during the opening hours of the collection point. When collecting your “goodies”, you agree to hand over the order form in exchange for the “goodies”. Claims and reserves will not be acknowledged unless they are presented in a written form at the moment of the collection concerning apparent defects. Claims concerning apparent defects, presented afterwards and which have not been pointed out at the moment of the collection, will not be taken into account. Any item which has not been collected during the festival will be returned to SEFA EVENT and your purchase will be considered as solved according the conditions stated below in article 9. The “goodies” will not be sent by post or made available at any other collection point than the festival dealing with the sale.
8.2.2 Unless otherwise stated, SEFA EVENT is not compelled to verify the identity of the person presenting the printed order form to check that he/she is the “goodies” purchaser, or verify the authenticity of the printed order form; the first person to present the order form will be considered as the legitimate purchaser of the “goodies”, and will be allowed to collect the “goodies”.
8.2.3 As a consequence, SEFA EVENT can refuse to hand in a “goodies” when several prints, reproductions, copies, or imitations of one order form are into circulation and that the “goodies” has already been collected by the owner of a print, reproduction, copy, or imitation of the corresponding order form.
8.2.4 SEFA EVENT will not be held responsible of any problem occurring during the printing of the order form.
In case of loss, theft, or illegitimate use of the printable order form, no duplicate or certificate of any kind will be given to the customer, other than the original printable order form, to be printed by the customer.



9.1 Concerning tickets
9.1.1 In accordance with the article L221-28 from the Consumer’s Code, tickets to access events do not allow any right of withdrawal.
9.1.2 A ticket will not be refunded, even in case of loss or theft, or taken back, or exchanged, unless the event is cancelled and SEFA EVENT decides to refund the tickets. In that case, the refunding of payments for the cancelled events will be automatically made by crediting the buyer’s credit card used for the order. The refunding right only concerns the person who bought the tickets and cannot be transmitted to another person.
9.1.3 A ticket cannot be resold. Unauthorized street trading (including for event tickets) in public places is punishable by the law by fines and imprisonment sentences (art 446-1 and following of the French Penal Code).
9.1.4 In case of the cancellation of an event or the modification of the dates and times of an event for which you bought tickets, you agree that SEFA EVENT may use the contact information you gave during the online purchase to keep you informed of the procedure to follow.

9.2 Concerning Japan Expo “goodies”
You have a right to retract without giving a reason within fourteen calendar days. The withdrawal period expires fourteen days after the day when the order form owner actually collects the “goodies”. Not collecting the “goodies” ordered does not allow to retract.
In case of the customer’s withdrawal from the present contract, SEFA EVENT commits to refund the “goodies” within three months from the day when SEFA EVENT is informed of your decision to retract from the present contract. The refunding of payments will be automatically made with a credit on the buyer’s credit card used for the order.
To exercise this withdrawal right, you must send your withdrawal decision from the present contract with a registered letter with recorded delivery, including the “goodies” you refuse, addressed by post at:
SEFA Event – Service Billetterie
14 place Georges Pompidou
93051 Noisy le Grand



For any request or question, please contact our ticketing department thanks to the "Contact us" section of the website, choosing "Ticketing" as the type of request.



Our websites may include links to partners’ websites, thanks to hypertext links or the presence of contents from those websites on ours.
SEFA EVENT cannot be held responsible for their contents, their legality and functioning, and cannot be held responsible for whatever use will be made of them by the users.
Third parties are allowed to create hypertext links to the websites of Japan Expo festivals without any prior authorization of the editor. Yet the latter cannot be held responsible for the contents of websites edited by third parties and including hypertext links towards the websites of Japan Expo festivals.



All the elements, texts, logos, images, sounds, softwares and icons of any website from which the online order may be made or reproduced on the said websites are protected by the intellectual property right worldwide.
Any use of the website and its contents other than private is forbidden. As a consequence, it is forbidden to modify, represent or reproduce the website and its content partially or totally, whatever media and processes might be used.



The present ticketing and “goodies” sale conditions abide by the French law. In case of litigation, the French courts only are competent. 






1.1 Several types of SPECIAL Tickets are proposed for sale. The advantages of each type of ticket as well as their prices are specified on the websites of Japan Expo festivals, in the “Ticketing” section.
1.2 SPECIAL Tickets are limited in quantities, depending on the type of ticket.
1.3 Tickets bear the name of their owners and are strictly personal, one person can only order one ticket with their name, for all types of SPECIAL Tickets. 



2.1 Registration on the SPECIAL Ticket booking form must be complete, and the information given valid. The owner’s photo is required and must match the criteria indicated on the websites of Japan Expo festivals, in the FAQ “Zen” section. Any invalid information or photo will be refused by the administrator. The SPECIAL Ticket buyer will receive an e-mail specifying the data to be modified. That change will have to be made within 48 hours. Beyond that time limit, the order will be cancelled, as well as payment. The registration request will have to be renewed and will be treated depending on availability.
2.2 Ticket validation is confirmed by e-mail within 3 working days after registration on the form.
2.3 SEFA EVENT cannot be held responsible for connection problems to the registration form and for slow connections or for failures of the form validation process, which may be due, among other reasons, to a too high number of people connecting at the same time on one of the websites of Japan Expo festivals.



3.1 SPECIAL Tickets give access to the corresponding Japan Expo festival for the whole duration of the event, during the opening hours specified on the festival website for each type of ticket.
3.2 At the first control, SPECIAL Ticket owners will have to show their valid ticket (printed or dematerialized, according to article 7 of the General Terms of Sale above), as well as a valid ID.
3.3 The following items will be given to each SPECIAL Ticket owner at checkpoint before they enter the festival:

  • A badge with their name and photo (photo to be provided at registration)
  • Any other element that will be necessary to identify the ticket and to carry out the service provided by the ticket

Those items are given only once and are compulsory for SPECIAL Ticket owners to benefit from the advantages corresponding to their type of ticket and to access the event. No duplicate will be delivered.
The customer has to make sure he/she has been given those elements before leaving checkpoint.
Complaints will not be acknowledged after that.
3.4 To benefit from the advantages linked to SPECIAL Tickets, the owners must show their badge.
3.6 The additional features (depending on the type of ticket) are to be collected according to the conditions mentioned for each type of ticket. Nothing will be sent by post after the festival. 

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