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Meeting the guests

Japan Expo Sud is a dream opportunity to meet your idols: mangaka, animators, and music artists!

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Every year, Japan Expo Sud hosts prestigious guests who hold signings, masterclasses, and panels to talk about their jobs, careers and works. 

Mangaka, musicians, animators, video game creators, chara-designers, cosplayers, singers, illustrators, producers, composers, and more: many guests travel to Japan Expo Sud. Don’t miss the chance to meet such talented artists and get to know them.


Visual artists come reveal some of their secrets at panels, showing their talent with live drawing sessions, and spend some time with you to offer signings. In the past, Japan Expo Sud has welcomed, among others:

  • Shigefumi SHINGAKI (One Piece), Mamoru YOKOTA (Death NoteMacross FrontierNaruto Shippûden), and Elsa BRANTS (Save me Pythie) in 2017
  • Nobuyoshi HABARA (Broken Blade, D.N.Angel) and Takuya WADA (Lupin IIIHokuto no Ken) in 2016
  • Jinsei KATAOKA and Kazuma KONDO (Deadman Wonderland) in 2015
  • Kunihiko IKUHARA (Sailor Moon) and Naoyuki ONDA (Berserk) in 2013
  • Nobuhiro OKASEKO (Captain Tsubasa) in 2012
  • Osamu KOBAYASHI (Beck), Yûsuke KOZAKI (No More Heroes), and Kazuki AKANE (Escaflowne) in 2011

And let’s switch to the live stage which is set on fire by music guests! Year after year, J-music unveils all its styles, with AMARANYX’s visual kei (2013) Kanon Wakeshima’s sweet pop (2013), DJ Livetune’s electro sets (2012), ILU GRACE RnB groove (2017), JinnyOops!’s rock shows (2016), Head Phones President’s astounding metal (2011), or spoon+’s offbeat J-pop (2016). 

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