Japan Expo Sud - February 22-24, 2019 Marseille Chanot

501st French Garrison

Join the dark side of the Force with Dark Vador and the Stormtroopers at Japan Expo Sud! The festival is dedicating a corner to geek culture and invites all pop culture fans – and Star Wars fans – to meet the 501st French Garrison!

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The 501st Legion, also called “Vader’s fist”, is a group of dressed up fans who have been active worldwide since 1997. With impressively faithful costumes, the 501st and its Stormtroopers or Darth Vador himself allow you to experience Star Wars at Japan Expo Sud in a way you would never have imagined!

Attracting a crowd of attendees with the characters they embody, beware they don't convince you to join the dark side of the Force. But maybe was it your plan since the very beginning, who knows... Facing the Rebel Alliance resistance, these fans of Star Wars are working to recreate an atmosphere faithful to the cult movies of Georges LUCAS!


Beyond taking part in conventions and other events, the 501st Legion is a club of volunteers who aim at helping others through charity, as well as keeping the magic of Star Wars alive for the widest audience.

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