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Visit new worlds, go back in time and forward, and discover new realities. Experience virtual reality at Japan Expo Sud with InfiniVerse!

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InfiniVerse is a professional development and creation studio, specialized in virtual reality and high tech. Its four creators / producers all bring their own personal skills to the studio productions, complementing one another. Above all, they are passionate about virtual reality and use the technology.

The team is always trying to create new sensations for the public, inventing new techniques. From the beginning, this constant will to innovate has been a source of inspiration.

When participating in conventions, Infiniverse associates with APsoft, a virtual reality app development company, for the public and professionals, whose strength lies in its capacity to adapt real and virtual in experiences where a real set works with the virtual, immersing the user still farther in the VR matrix. 



At Japan Expo Sud, InfiniVerse is offering you virtual reality new experiences with HTC Vive, Oculus Rift (with Touch), and OSVR:

  • Get on board to the Cyberpunk world of Doll-City: Prologue, inspired from fictions such as Ghost in the Shell and Akira.  
  • Get out of the futuristic escape room of Shipscale. Pay heed: time is no friend of yours!
  • Go back in time in Almigthy Blade, a game where you’ll learn how to hold a sword and a shield to realize destructive combos.
  • To be safe, stay away from the shadow in Maroon, a horror game...
  • With the creator of Protube (a peripheral for VR FPS), experience your first military training.
  • Quieter experiences will also be available for those who are not so reckless. 

Get a glimpse of the future: enter a new reality!

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