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Aïkivudao Seigan

Meet Aïkivudao Seigan at Japan Expo Sud to learn Aïkivudao on the Budô tatamis!

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Come and try aikivudao on the tatami mats of the Budô space! It is a traditional martial art which requires technique and teaches defence. Demonstrations and initiations will be on the program all along Japan Expo Sud!

aïkivudao seigan

Aïkivudao is a Japanese fighting art (budo) which has been developed in Marseille since 1976 by the energy of Jean-Pierre Rouvière. He graduated from the National Aikido Union in 1968.

Today the college of black belts takes over its school and develops new clubs in order to propose a traditional martial art but oriented on its time. The aikivudao proposes a form of technical, rough, defensive, sometimes sporting aikido, such as it was taught in France in the sixties, and such as Jean-Pierre Rouvière discovered and learned it since 1964 in the courses of the masters André Noquet, Masamichi Noro, Mitsuro Nakazono, Nobuyoshi Tamura. Founded on the fringe of the FFAB and FFAAA federations, the aikivudao is far from the Aikido/Aikikai style, the most developed today and initiated by Kisshomaru Ueshiba, son of the founder of aikido, Morihei Ueshiba.

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