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Learn shogi, the Japanese version of chess

Discover shogi, a traditional Japanese game close to chess, through initiations for adults and children with the Mediterranean League of Shogi. To be found on the stand of the Consulate General of Japan in Marseilles!

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Shogi, "the generals' game", is a traditional Japanese game opposing two players. It is a game widely followed and appreciated by the Japanese; the main title matches are even covered by the media!

Shogi has the same origin as chess. In its current version, it has been played since the 16th century. The most distinctive feature of shogi from other chess games is the reuse of captured pieces, but it is also distinguished by the shape of the coins, their names and number.

The oldest traces of shogi can be found at the Heian period, in the Kirinshô book, dated 1027. It explains how to calligraph the characters on the coins. For Japan Expo Sud, the Mediterranean League of Shogi presents this legendary game and offers initiations with two approaches: learning on a westernized game, and also on a game for children, Dobutsu Shôgi.

The Mediterranean League of Shogi

Its purpose is to promote the game of shogi in the South of France. Therefore, they organize activities for the general public, training for young people and tournaments.

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