Japan Expo Sud - February 18-20, 2022 Marseille Chanot

Manga workshops

Wanna learn how to draw like a mangaka? How to improve your style? Or show your talents and win goodies at a drawing contest? The ART & MOUVEMENT workshop was made for you. Ready... Steady... Draw!

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Used to attending manga and comics conventions in the South of France, ART & MOUVEMENT and their mascot WAZA will be meeting you at Japan Expo Sud. Come try the manga workshops organized on the booth.

Whether you want to learn the basics of drawing, or improve your style, ART & MOUVEMENT and their sensei will be welcoming you every day to teach you how to reproduce your favorite characters or create your own universe!

They’re also challenging you: every day, a drawing contest is organized. Try to win goodies by showing your talent as a mangaka: let’s visit ART & MOUVEMENT’s booth!


The association

ART & MOUVEMENT is an association located in Toulon who has been organizing for ten years manga and graphic art initiation and improvement classes with their sensei, Stéphane Delahoya. Those classes are intended for kids, teens, and adults of all levels. 

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