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Carnage Offering

With Carnage Offering, first-person shooter, the player is in an altogether different environment. They have to carry out various missions for Roy, a bounty hunter and engineer, choosing the right weapons and ammunition. Come try Carnage Offering at Futurtech Studio’s booth!

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In 2527 in a dystopic world, Jake, an engineer and bounty hunter, travels on the edge of the universe through a vortex. With Roy’s help, Jake tries to exterminate the replicator robots threatening the confederation of planets.

Carnage Offering is a delighting and intriguing surrealistic shooting experience. Monsters of all sorts, highly destructive weapons that can be improved, fast movements, and physics, configured with care to perfect the arcade experience and which are the basis for an intense first person shooting. Dark humor in the dialogs, the management of weapons, and the brutality of the fights all contribute to making a new type of FPS.

Futurtech Studio is inviting you to discover further and try Carnage Offering at Japan Expo Sud!

Futurtech Studio

The studio was created in 2019 from an educational program, La Forêt de Pago, which helps to learn the French language through a video game. This project allowed the studio to understand the importance of modernizing learning tools, which will be essential in a close future. That’s why they decided to make a trilogy around this first concept which helps improving one’s spelling.

Futurtech Studio is also about the passion for all types of games: strategy, shooting games, role-playing, and many more. Their inspiration keeps growing and they wish to continue developing new styles of gameplay, new stories and new iconic characters.

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