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The art of bonsai

Discover this art which consists of working trees in living pots, to transform them into works of art with numerous techniques. Find the Bonsaï Club de Provence on the stand of the Consulate of Japan in Marseilles!

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Invented in China three thousand years ago, then developed by the Japanese, this art entered the Western world in the 1970s. Who has never stopped to admire these small trees in garden stores? You may even have received it as a gift, often with the disappointment of not being able to keep it alive. However, there are techniques for keeping them alive and, above all, magnifying them into living works of art. Through the seasons and the fears they give us, bonsai is an ode to life that requires humility. The Bonsaï Club de Provence is there to explain everything at their booth!

Bonsaï Club de Provence

The Bonsaï Club de Provence is located in Marseille and opened its doors thirty-seven years ago. Participating in events about Japanese culture to present the art of bonsai, and organizes, two Saturdays per month from September to June, learning sessions where you will hear about moyôgi, shari, jin... with a southern accent that would delight Marcel Pagnol! The legendary Provençal friendliness is, of course, the signature of the club. Sipping a pastis and with a few lyrical poems they have the secret of, you will be guided and advised by members recognized by the French Federation of Bonsai. Annual exhibitions show their creations to the public.

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