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Discover the Japanese craft of kintsugi, "the imperfect perfection"!

This traditional craft technique consists of repairing porcelain or ceramic pieces with gold to give them new life, their new beauty coming from their imperfection.

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It is hard to imagine that the imperfection of a broken thing can add value and beauty to it! With the traditional Japanese craft of kintsugi, broken ceramics are respected and enhanced with gold or other metallic powders, adding a new chapter to their story. The stand of the Consulate of Japan in Marseilles offers an exhibition of pieces repaired with the kintsugi technique and demonstrations.

Didier Faillères, kintsugi craftsman

“My kintsugi urushi creation pieces are the purest expression of how I live my life. I use everything I see, touch and create as inspiration”. Didier Faillères studied kintsugi in Japan with a Master lacquerer in the city of Nara, a region where this traditional art is practiced and where the concept of wabi sabi applies, which combines aesthetic refinement and spirituality.

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