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Do you need to relax? Discover shiatsu through free sessions offered by the school Iokaï Shiatsu from Marseille, during all 3 days of Japan Expo Sud!

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Iokaï Shiatsu school from Marseilles offers free shiatsu sessions to the attendees, of a duration of 20 minutes, as well as do-In initiation.

Shiatsu is a Japanese traditional practice, where pressure is applied through thumbs and hands on the body in order to get it relaxed. The pressure is meant to stimulate Ki (vital energy) and help it circulate in harmony. It is practiced fully dressed, sat or laying on a futon. Sessions are provided by the school’s student, aspiring to be professionals in shiatsu.

Do-in is a Japanese physical practice made of rhythmic movements and stretches, supported by a large breathing, aiming to stimulate the Ki and relax the body. The initiation are dispensed by the school’s teachers.


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