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To the sound of her voice and the rythm of her dancing steps, .ekotumi. brings the Kojiki, the most ancient book in the history of Japan, back to life, giving the myths a pop and modern touch!

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.ekotumi. is a singer, composer, and storyteller. In her shows, she tells the story of Japanese myths and folklore. Her music style is unique, between the tradition of folk tales and modern pop music. The Japanese opera The New Translation of the Kojiki is the most representative of her works.

.ekotumi. performed in many places and at many occasions, for example at the opening of the First Japanese Film Festival in Florence in 2010, at Japan Expo in 2015, at a performance, at the Tôgan-ji planetarium in Nagoya, or for ceremonies in several shinto temples (Tsubaki-kishi in Mie prefecture, at Tenso shrine in Tokyo…).

With songs full of emotions, she brings the Kojiki characters back to life, the Kojiki being the most ancient written tales of Japan, myths about the origin of the archipelago’s islands and of its kami (gods). 

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