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Exhibition of traditional Japanese dolls

Ornamental dolls or celebration dolls, dolls in Japan are diverse and very different from French ones. Discover a beautiful collection of Japanese dolls thanks to the exhibition of the collection of the Consulate of Japan in Marseille

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The Consulate of Japan in Marseille invites you to discover a wide variety of traditional Japanese dolls. For example, you can admire the dolls called Hina Ningyo, which are exhibited during the Hina Matsuri festival, “the doll festival”. On March 3 in Japan, in the houses where there is a little girl, these dolls, representing the nobles of the imperial court of the Heian era, are displayed to protect the future of the little girls. The dolls are put away immediately after the party and are passed down from generation to generation. In addition to the Hina dolls, other dolls will be presented on the booth.


Consulate of Japan in Marseille

The Consulate of Japan in Marseille is a Japanese diplomatic establishment whose constituency includes the PACA, Occitanie and Corsica regions. Among its many missions, the promotion of Japanese culture in France is one of the most important. Japan is known in France and in Europe for its contemporary and popular culture, which is why the Consulate seeks to make its "traditional" culture better known, in order to develop a better knowledge of Japan by the French and encourage friendship and cooperation between the two countries.

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