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Exhibition: Buichi Terasawa, At the Borders of Imagination

Japan Expo Sud invites you to discover the work of Buichi Terasawa, legendary mangaka, author of Cobra, in a retrospective exhibition.

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Come to admire manga drafts and illustrations and discover the work of this major master of Japanese comics.

On more than 36m², you can discover illustrations from the exhibition’s book: Buichi Terasawa : Aux Frontières de l'Imagination, as well as a part of the interview he gave at this occasion.

Find more than a hundred original color plates and immerse yourself in his best works: Cobra, Goku, Bat, Kabuto, Takeru and Gen Dragon!

Volumes 1 of Cobra and Goku are available for reading on the stand. Do not miss !


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Born in Hokkaido in 1955, Buichi Terasawa is noticed by Osamu TEZUKA and becomes the master’s assistant in 1976.

For the magazine Weekly Shônen Jump, he starts in 1978 the publication of his major work: Space Adventure Cobra. The comic is an absolute success where the artist can show all his creativity through futuristic and mysterious worlds, a mix of his many influences.

In the 80’s, Terasawa senses the potential of computer assisted illustration. In 1992, he publishes Takeru, one of the first comic (and first manga), entirely realised on a computer: an incredible feat at the time.

His works have been published in many countries and he sold more than 20 million manga. In France, several of his works have been published by isan manga


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