Japan Expo Sud - March 5-7, 2021
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Fudokan is waiting for you on Japan Expo Sud’s tatami to introduce you to kendô and to challenge you to give it a try!

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Introduction & program

Marseille’s kendô association, Fudokan, is very famous locally, partly because it has existed for 30 years and has become international through its relation to Osaka’s Physical Education College and its teachers.

At Japan Expo Sud, it proposes for three days of martial art demonstrations related to the Japanese sword through kendô. Come try those disciplines thanks to a team of experts present to teach you and don’t miss their impressive demonstrations. 



Kendô is a type of fencing using a sword held with both hands. Using material adapted to this discipline (bamboo weapon, protection armor) allows to fence for real. Practitioners are called kendoka (though the word is hardly used in Japan) or kenshi. Kendô practice is held in a dôjô: a room with a wooden floor.

Kendô is fit for men and women alike, and they often train together. There are female competitions but mixed teams are quite common during championships.

Protections, the absence of actual contact and fall allow people of all ages, from 5 to 80 and over, to practice kendô


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