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"In the Spirit of Lovecraft" By Atelier des Flammes Noires

Welcome to an office with the sound of a typewriter, the smell of coffee, cigarettes and other dusty files... You have arrived at the "HOWARD & CO" office. Unsolved cases, inexplicable murders and strange evidence await you for dark investigations. Here, logic becomes illogical, reality becomes unreal, what is not crazy... becomes so?

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Come and discover the exhibition "In the spirit of Lovecraft" where you will follow the investigations of Inspector Howard Black and his team "Howard&Co": private detective office (and investigators of the strange).

This exhibition based on the dark universe of the American writer "H.P Lovecraft" (creator of the famous "Cthulhu") presents a set of objects inspired by the works of the latter as well as the many influences he had on the "Geek" culture. The dark universes with unspeakable creatures are numerous and you will be invited to discover them... at your own risk.


The exhibition is offered by the Atelier des Flammes Noires, artisan leather worker in the field of costume and accessories with multiple inspirations, from fantasy through Steampunk or Post Apo. To go from the composition of a complete costume to the setting up of a decor and its atmosphere, it is sometimes not enough.

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