Japan Expo Sud - February 22-24, 2019 Marseille Chanot

Karaté Dojo Marseillais

Kids and grown-ups alike are welcome on the tatami to try karate with Karaté Dojo Marseillais! Initiation classes for all ages will be featured, as well as demos and all the explanation you need from expert karateka on the booth!

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Karaté Dojo Marseillais is a karate club created in July 2014 by Cédric PASQUAL, 2011 French champion and shotokan 4th Dan, who used to run a high-level karate club in Marseille since 2001. The club includes two dôjô.

On top of many volunteers, the club has 16 Black Belt members, national and local champions, among which some are members of the Provence team, and another one is a former member of the Équipe de France. It is the only club in Provence which has won kata and kumite medals at French championships.



At Japan Expo Sud, Karaté Dojo Marseillais will show on their booth competition videos. A karateka’s uniform will be exhibited to present to the public not only a karate-gi but also all that goes with a full equipment.

In groups, the club members as well as champions will make demonstrations, with solo and team kata, demonstration fights with the explanation of the rules, and children’s demonstrations about basic techniques.

Initiation classes for kids and adults will be held on the Budô area, teaching the techniques for all ages. 



More about Karaté Dojo Marseillais on kdm-provence.fr

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