Japan Expo Sud - February 24-26, 2023
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Come find out about the origins, the equipment, and the basics of kendo, an art the Fudokan Dojo has been passing on for over 30 years in accordance with the teachings of great Japanese professors. Let’s discover the roots of Japanese martial culture!

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Kendo (the way of the sword) is a type of fencing with a sword. It is practiced by real attacks, using a special equipment (protection armor, bamboo sword).

More than a fighting discipline, kendo is a traditional martial art, closely related to Japanese culture, that requires a strong self-involvement, a work on oneself and a sense of sharing, to seek technical as well as mental progress.

At Japan Expo Sud, Fudokan Dojo organizes kendo demonstrations and initiations, run by high-level teachers to spread the best of this art. An exhibit will also feature the equipment of kendo (armors and weapons). 


Fudokan Dojo

The kendo club Fudokan is active in Marseille and the local area, after 30 years of existence and links with the University of Osaka and its teachers.

Fudokan has been taking part in Japan Expo Sud for many years, as well as in other local events or Japanese traditional art gatherings.

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