Japan Expo Sud - February 24-26, 2023
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The best of virtual reality with Volt Events

Want to fight the enemy with energy balls and laser beams? Volt Events helps you slip into the shoes of a fighter as in the best mangas, thanks to team games in virtual reality or using laser weapons. Epic battles in perspective, don’t miss it!

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Volt Events returns to Japan Expo Sud with two games for you to enjoy:

  • Hado: a unique game in France where players try to hit their opponents by throwing balls of virtual energy and create temporary shields to protect their teammates, like a dodgeball.


  • Lasertag: A shooting simulation game where players are equipped with infrared blasters to fight each other in a limited time. The goal is to hit as many opponents as possible in order to score points.


volt events

Volt Events is a company specialized in the organization of fun, innovative and adrenaline-rich sport activities in France.


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