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Ligue de Provence Aïkido FFAAA

Wanna try martial arts? Why not start with aikidô then?! Ligue de Provence Aïkido FFAAA is ready for you on the tatami with demos and initiation classes!

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Ligue de Provence FFAAA brings together about 30 clubs in 4 departments. 800 members are part of it, trained by certified teachers. It is part of the FFAAA (French federation of aikidô, aikibudô and other disciplines), which has 30,000 members in France. The FFAAA is registered at the French sports ministry. It represents France at the International Aikido Federation.

Ligue de Provence FFAAA proposes several Japanese martial arts, aikidô, aikibudô, and kinomichi, practiced in a dôjô on tatami. There are no competitions for aikidô, aikibudô, or kinomichi, as they aim at improving the way we face stress and behaving in the best way when facing conflicts, the first thing being to try to avoid the conflict. Those martial arts avoid violence, and are practiced unarmed or with traditional Japanese wooden weapons. They easily mix gender and age, and are perfect for children. 



Come learn the basics of aikidô with Ligue de Provence Aïkido FFAAA on the Budô Area at Japan Expo Sud: all day long, sessions are organized by the association members. They will also be performing demos! 



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