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Mah-jong & riichi

Rack your brains, fight your adversaries and have fun all at the same time: that’s what Chuuren Potos Marseille is promising with riichi, Japanese mah-jong. Don’t miss their booth to learn the game and play!

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Mah-jong is originally a Chinese game, very popular in all of Asia, including Japan. There are several variants of the game, among which the Japanese rules called riichi.

This tile-based game is designed for four players and is a mix of strategy, defence, and chance. In a nutshell, mah-jong, and its variant riichi too, looks both like rummy and poker. Riichi can be played by everyone whatever their age, from 10 y.o.

Come visit Chuuren Potos Marseille on their booth and learn the rules of riichi with them! Or if you’re already a player, you’ll find adversaries to challenge. Let’s play!



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