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Manga fans and art enthusiasts will meet up on ART & MOUVEMENT’s booth: the team is ready to show you their work and admire yours. Enter the daily manga drawing contest to win goodies!

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Set in Toulon, the ART & MOUVEMENT workshop has been proposing beginner and intermediate comics and manga classes for about 10 years. The classes are led by the association sensei, Stéphane DELAHOYA. He also holds drawing and manga classes in the local area.

ART & MOUVEMENT’s classes are intended for children, teens, and adults, beginners and intermediates alike, and are planned everyday, including in the evenings. Training courses are also organized during school holidays. The association allows future professionals to train for illustration or design schools.

ART & MOUVEMENT attends most major manga and comics conventions in the South, always accompanied by their mascot WAZA.

The team also intends to create and publish their first manga and take a trip to Japan in 2019!



Come meet WAZA and the team of ART & MOUVEMENT! The association members are ready to welcome you on their booth at Japan Expo Sud with many activities:

  • Discover their work.
  • Get a chibi cartoon drawing of yourself.
  • Improve your style or create your own world following ART & MOUVEMENT’s advice.
  • Enter the manga drawing contest organized everyday on their booth and try to win goodies.

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