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Event Yaoi

Boy’s Love, yaoi, bara, and yuri: if you’re an expert, then the games organized by Event Yaoi will be a piece of cake. With gifts to win and good humour all day long!

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Event Yaoi is an association who has been promoting Japanese gay romance – Boy’s Love, yaoi, bara, and yuri, since 2009.

It has engaged in many projects to follow this objective: a publishing label, a webradio, an e-magazine, an e-shop, translation of Japanese or English works, fan meetings in France, and the organization of a yearly event.



Event Yaoi will be meeting you at Japan Expo Sud, with many games and contests to arouse your curiosity and make you have fun!

All day long at the booth, contests are organized:

  • Speed Fic’ and Speed Draw: take a copy and pick one of the prompts proposed (words, expressions, quotes, etc., to inspire your text or drawing). Of course, the latter are a bit zany!  Fill in the document (fandom and pairings are free) respecting the frame. Let your imagination guide you, no constraints.
  • Speech bubble contests: the speech of a manga page has been erased from the bubble. It’s up to you to invent new dialogs!

Several times a day, games for all, to test your knowledge… or cunning! Newcomers are welcome:

  • Incubes et Succubes de Thiercelieux: a game inspired from The Werewolves of Millers Hollow, with terror-stricken villagers, and ravenous incubi and succubi ready to devour their energy at night…
  • Couple quiz: from illustrations, find the name of a character and the title of the anime or manga it belongs to.
  • Yaoi Quiz: the biggest fans will take up this challenge and try to answer yaoi culture general questions (mainly about Boy’s Love manga published in France).
  • Yaoi Blindtest: guess which shonen-ai and yaoi anime the openings and endings come from. 

And of course, there’ll be prizes for the winners!

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