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Come and relax: Reiki Harmonies is introducing you to the benefits of reiki. After calling by their booth, you will feel relaxed and full of a new energy! Don't miss the kotodama workshops to discover the sacred sounds of reiki usui!

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Reiki is a technique related to the flow energy, coming from Japan, practiced by simply applying the hands on the body. Anyone can learn to practice this technique. A reiki session can improve the flow of energy in the body. When it flows in a harmonious and balanced way, you feel more relaxed, revitalized, and pains may even feel better.

Reiki is a tool that ca make life easier, a first-aid kit always at hand to manage stress and pains. It’s also a wonderful tool of autonomy to know oneself better.

Odile DAHAN has been practicing and teaching reiki since 1997 in Marseille where she has her own practice. She is part of the LFRU (Reiki Usui federation) and is the author of several books and audio self-help methods.

She is inviting you to try reiki for free. Sitting or lying, you just have to let go in the hands of reiki experts at Reiki Harmonies’s booth. They will welcome you, help you relax, and answer your questions about reiki.
Avoid the lines: make an appointment at the booth and come back in due time. 

Also, come try kotodama, reiki usui sacred sounds, with Christelle, Dimitri, and Odile, the authors of a book about kotodama.

20-minute long workshops, are organized daily, open to all. The workshop schedule will be available at the booth and posted on Reiki Harmonies’s website a week prior to Japan Expo Sud. 


For more about Odile DAHAN’s technique: 


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