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Come for a moment of relaxation with shiatsu session offered by Iokaï Shiatsu Association !

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What Iokaï Shiatsu Asssociation practitioners do? They use methods from one of the principal shiatsu schools founded by master Shizuto Masaunaga Sensei in 1960. The school characteristic is to focus on working on acupuncture meridians and anchoring in traditional Japanese medicine.

Derived from a long tradition of manual care practices, shiatsu, meaning “pressures with hands", is clothed massage which can be practiced lying on a futon for more stability. Pressures can put a deep relaxation mood and can harmonize body circulations with acupuncture meridians. 


During the massage session, the practitioner uses the weight of his body, removing the movement from his "center", says hara in Japanese. The practitioner can therefore be released himself, rather than using his muscle strength.

At Japan Expo Sud, Iokaï Shiatsu Assosciation practitioners offer collective sessions of do-in self-shiatsu: tonic movements, stretching, and auto-making to awaken and stimulate the body! After the session, you can even learn some practices to reproduce at home. Want to try? YES! Then, just fill a form that will be available every morning at Iokaï Shiatsu Association booth

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