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Shorinji Kempo Marseille

Come have a go at Shorinji Kempo®, with Shorinji Kempo Marseille: the club members show you their most beautiful moves, and invite you onto the tatami to give it a try!

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Shorinji Kempo® is a popular martial art in Japan, where over 3.000 clubs and many universities practice it, with over a million people, of any gender, age, or class.

This art is above all about self-defense techniques that can be used by everyone in any situation, without physical strength. This art is not about winning, but rather not losing.

Improving your physical condition and mental strength is also part of Shorinji Kempo®. It also includes philosophical principles. One of them is the importance of working together with another person.

There are no Shorinji Kempo® competitions and the improvement is based on the progress people make, regarding their personal abilities. 



The club Shorinji Kempo Marseille, associated with the clubs in Montpellier, Monaco, and Ajaccio, is performing demonstrations of the varied aspects of this traditional Japanese budô:

  • chinkon: zazen meditation
  • kata: in groups
  • embu: ceremony fight
  • gôhô hôkei and juhô hôkei: attack and defense technique for two people

Initiation sessions to defense techniques (gôhô and juhô) are also planned. 

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