Japan Expo Sud - February 28 through March 1, 2020 Marseille Chanot

Slander Cosplay

Cosplayers, budding artists, and the youngest attendees: all of them will enjoy Slander Cosplay's booth. With a photo studio and drawing and makeup workshops, the association has activities in store for everyone!

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Created last September, Slander Cosplay is an association promoting the world of cosplay through photography, video, and stage performance. It also brings together geek culture fans, whether they're into video games, manga, science fiction, etc.

Slander Cosplay offers you the opportunity to have fun and participate in its many activities, such as drawing, makeup, divination, or photography.



Slander Cosplay will be waiting for you at their photo studio: participate in a real shooting and immortalize your visit at Japan Expo Sud! Enter the world of cosplay and embody any character you like with the advice of the association members: you'll leave with a great souvenir photo.

Set your artist mind free: Noctimei will be leading a drawing workshop on Slander Cosplay's booth, for you to relax a little and learn a few drawing techniques. You can also enter the drawing contest that will be organized. Come draw whatever you like at this workshop and let your imagination run free.

Slander Cosplay has activities for children too: a makeup workshop for the youngest to transform into a Princess, a superheroine, or a superhero!


Follow Slander Cosplay on www.facebook.com/slandercosplay

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