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Takeda ryu

Come try the disciplines of samurai, taught according to the Takeda ryu school: the beauty of jûjutsu, kendô, iaidô, and other martial arts are about to unveil on the tatami of the Budô area!

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Takeda ryu is one of the most ancient Japanese martial school, dating back to the 17th century. Samurai of high rank were trained to protect the Emperor.

Today, practicing those martial arts helps to learn how to deal with conflicts and to develop an alert mind, a capacity of physical resistance, a strong will, a positive attitude to life, tolerance, and benevolence.


The martial arts of the Takeda school all get together in one discipline: sobudo. Whether in learning about weapons or bare hand fighting, the teaching of this school aims at a complete training in all disciplines (aikijûjutsu, iaidô, jukenpô, jodô, sobu kendô, etc.).

Takeda Budo France practitioners will be introducing you to the several disciplines they practice with demonstrations and proposing initiations to iaidô (training sword), jôdô (wooden stick), jûkenpo (boxing) and more! Let’s meet at the Budô area!

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