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Gaho TAKAHASHI is a prodigy of koto. Plucking the silk strings of her instrument, she’s taking you away, out of time to Japan!

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At age 5, Gaho TAKAHASHI learnt koto from her mother, Utaiku TAKAHASHI, before graduating from Tokyo University of Arts. She performed at many concerts in Japan and abroad, in Austria, Italy, or France. In 2014, she played at the Consulate of Japan in Shanghai, and a year later at a Korean festival of traditional music. In France, she has enthralled the audience at Japan Expo Paris in 2016 and 2017. Her performances will make you travel from ancient Japan to modern times, along the melodies of traditional pieces and modern adaptations. 

Discover Gaho TAKAHASHI’s music now on her website and during the festival too, on Saturday and Sunday! With the artist Alex DAI, she'll be performing several shows midway between tradition and electro, as well as a solo show on Sunday.


Official merchandizing


Gaho TAKAHASHI's official merchandizing will be on sale at Sumiré 5 on Saturday and Sunday:

  • À Paris (CD + DVD): Gaho TAKAHASHI’s first album includes a traditional song, another with a saxophone, a piece by Bach, and a title she’s composed.
  • Kotoibuki: an album in collaboration with Waccha, vocal percussionist. Including nine original songs.

To know when, have a look at the schedule beyond or on this page.

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